Wodonga Plumber

Do you live in Wodonga, Victoria, and are looking for a licenced and insured professional Wodonga plumber?

Wodonga was originally founded as a customs post on the southern side of the Murray River with its twin city Albury. Wodonga really started to grow when the first bridge across the Murray was opened in 1860.

The name Wodonga hasn't always been as it is today, as evidenced by the history of the Wodonga post office. Opened on the 1st of June 1856 and known as Belvoir, it stayed this way until 26 July 1869, when it was changed back to Wodonga.

With a strong manufacturing and industry presence Wodonga has grown strongly over the last few decades with consequential growth in residential development in the area. So if you need a Wodonga plumber for your new house, renovation or some general maintenance - just call Heritage.