At Heritage Plumbing Albury Wodonga our first and best service is service.

We believe in the importance of customer service, and we’ve found its the simple things that people remember. Like if we say we’ll call you back we actually do or when we’re on our way to your home or business, we’ll give you a quick courtesy call, just to let you know our time of arrival.

Now I know these things sound pretty obvious and also quite basic, but most complaints I hear about tradesmen and other plumbers is they just don’t call back or they say they’ll do a quote for you and you never hear of them again.

With that in mind we do offer the following services

  • Obligation free and no cost itemised fixed price quotes
  • Hot water services (Natural Gas, LPG, electric and solar)
  • Water saving devices and water filter solutions
  • Gas heating and cooking
  • Burst pipe, leak location and repairs
  • Sewer and stormwater drain clearing

Hot Water Services

Installation and maintenance of electric, gas and solar hot water units in both storage and instantaneous models. So whether you are just after a changeover cylinder, repairs to valves, replacement of sacrificial anodes or the latest energy saving options, just call Heritage.

Dripping Taps and Water Saving Solutions

As the only Doust accredited plumber in Albury Wodonga, we offer the highest level of service when it comes to leaking taps, we don’t make excuses why your taps drip, cause water hammer or make excessive noise, we can explain why and we have the latest solutions to fix these problems. Heritage also specialise in using water saving solutions that don’t impact the natural feel of your water use, but dramatically reduce the consumption of this precious commodity.

Water Leaks

Leak location, identification and repairs. Including pipe freezing on steel mains of up to 4″ so you can undertake live repairs on valves and other pipe defects that can’t be done any other way.

Blocked Drains

Tree roots, collapsed pipes, dirt and any number of other foreign materials can cause drain systems to block. Heritage Plumbing has the solutions to repair your sewer or stormwater drains today.

Gas Repairs and Servicing

Service and install gas heaters, cooktops and ovens, locate and repair leaks, test and certify gas pipework.


Installation, repairs or renovation of your entire bathroom, blocked sinks, dripping taps, leaking toilets, bath re-enameling, showers and drains. So if you want it repaired, replaced or remodeled then call Heritage now.

Kitchen and Laundry

We install and repair filtered water and reverse osmosis systems; taps; gas ovens, cook tops and range hoods; dishwashers; and even the kitchen sink. So whether your renovating or your kitchen is just in need of some TLC, Heritage Plumbing Albury Wodonga can provide you with prompt and professional help today.


Rain Water Tanks

Storing and reusing rain water is one of the best things a household or business can do to reduce their consumption of treated water for watering gardens, flushing toilets and even washing clothes. So if you need a 20,000Ltr above ground, a 3,000Ltr below ground or even a 1,500Ltr under floor bladder tank, we can advise and supply you with the correct on site water storage solution.


Roof and Gutter Repairs

From the top of your ridge, to the bottom of your downpipe, Heritage can provide you with professional repairs and replacement of leaking or damaged roofing and guttering.


Sub Surface Drainage

No one likes water coming into their property, through the footings or into the basement downstairs and so we use the latest drainage cell technology and water proof membranes to ensure a water tight seal around those hard to drain areas, added to that, underground storage and appropriate piping solutions and your feet and walls will be dry in no time.


Energy and Resource Auditing

For those in the community hardest hit by the continual rises in energy and heating costs, Heritage offers a thorough audit of water and energy consumption, so that we can put together an action plan to reduce living costs where possible.