29 point plumbing audit

One of the most frustrating things for customers we’ve found is not knowing there is a problem, this is especially the case when you are buying a home. All the time it takes to pack up and move and then unpack all those boxes, the last thing you want is problems with the plumbing,

We know consider it an essential part of purchasing a home to get it inspected by a builder or qualified home inspector, but have you thought of the impact inheriting bad plumbing can have after you’ve moved in.

At Heritage Plumbing we offer the 29 point plumbing audit to give you peace of mind that everything is working the way it should be and includes the following checks:

  • Location of water meter
  • Condition of main isolation valve
  • Water authority service pipe material (gal or copper) and condition
  • Customer premise water pipe material (gal or copper) and condition
  • Are break valves or check valves installed on watering systems
  • Type of hot water service (tank capacity/energy type eg solar, electric or gas)
  • Condition of hot water service
  • Hot water service capacity audit (does water heater meet demand?)
  • Condition of appliances and fixtures (toilet, taps, dishwasher or washing machine)
  • Location of sewer riser (council point of connection)
  • Location and level of overflow relief gulley
  • Location and level of floor waste drains
  • Location of septic tank (if applicable)
  • Condition of absorption trench (odors, water pooling?)
  • Location of stormwater outlet
  • Location and condition of groundwater pits
  • Condition of roof (any signs of water leaks/damage) and size of catchment area
  • Location, size and condition of down pipes
  • Location and capacity of onsite water storage
  • Location of natural gas meter or LPG bottles (if applicable)
  • Customer premise gas pipe material (gal or copper) and condition
  • Number and type of gas appliances installed on site
  • Condition of gas appliances and last service date (if recorded)
  • Access to water/gas lines easily available for maintenance
  • Flow rates of kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Are aerators fitted on taps or outlets in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Are dual flush toilets fitted
  • Are low flow showerheads installed (5 star)
  • Australian Standard non-compliance violations or safety hazards